Lisa Blunt Rochester for U.S. Senate

A Bright Hope for Our Future

A Bright Hope for Our Future


Lisa Blunt Rochester is running to bring Bright Hope to the U.S. Senate – and to America.

Lisa’s story starts with Bright Hope. She knows that when Delawareans have access to great jobs and health care, to clean air and water, and when people’s right to vote and control their own bodies is protected, there is less fear in the world. And there is more Bright Hope.

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Bright Hope isn’t just the story of Lisa’s life, it’s the story of America. Through our darkest times, it’s Bright Hope – optimism, resilience, belief – that has kept us striving toward a more perfect union. Join our campaign as a founding donor to bring Bright Hope to the U.S. Senate.

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Lisa Blunt Rochester is running to make a difference – and to make history.

About Lisa Blunt Rochester

Lisa Blunt Rochester’s life is a story of hope, resilience, and a dedication to expanding opportunity for everyone. 

Lisa’s story, like so many Delawareans and Americans, starts with hope. Bright Hope Church is where Lisa’s grandmother worshiped for decades, a spiritual home for Lisa’s family that instilled them with hope and resilience.

Lisa is guided by those values to run for the U.S. Senate and deliver for the people of Delaware. As a widow, mother, grandmother, and public servant, Lisa knows the importance of providing economic security and greater opportunities for families. Lisa is running for the U.S. Senate to create good jobs, protect our seniors, and secure our fundamental freedoms – from reproductive freedom to voting rights.

Lisa is a daughter of Delaware. Lisa grew up in Wilmington, graduated from high school here, and worked her first job at the McDonald’s on Market Street. Flipping burgers and taking coffee to the regulars, she learned the value of an honest day’s work and the importance of a good job. Lisa’s journey in public service began when she approached then-Congressman Tom Carper at a town hall. With a baby on her hip and another one on the way, Lisa inquired about an internship in the Congressman’s Wilmington office.

That experience sparked Lisa’s service to Delaware. As an intern and then a caseworker for Congressman Carper, Lisa helped people during challenging times with their Social Security benefits, disability insurance claims, IRS disputes, and housing needs. She went on to serve in the cabinets of Delaware Governors Carper and Minner, breaking barriers as she served as Secretary of Labor, Deputy Secretary of Health and Social Services, and State Personnel Director. 

Lisa never thought she would run for office. After the sudden and unexpected loss of her husband, Lisa poured her grief into service and ran for Congress. Lisa’s historic election in 2016 marked the first time Delaware sent a woman or person of color to Congress. But Lisa isn’t satisfied with making history, she’s driven by making a difference.

In Congress, Lisa has delivered for Delaware. She led the charge to lower seniors’ health care costs, and passed legislation to bring American manufacturing jobs home, fix our roads and bridges and expand internet service to rural Delaware. She took a leading role in creating safer communities and expanding access to cleaner air and water. In the U.S. Senate, Lisa will continue fighting to create good jobs, protect abortion rights, ensure every vote is counted and deliver for the Delaware families she so proudly represents.

Lisa is the proud mother of Alyssa and Alex, both of whom graduated from Delaware’s public schools. She also currently serves as a co-chair of President Biden’s re-election campaign.

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