Bipartisanship and Working Together - Lisa Blunt Rochester for U.S. Senate


Bipartisanship and Working Together

In Congress, Lisa’s focus has been reaching across the aisle to work with anyone, regardless of party, to get things done for all Delawareans. There’s no denying we live in polarized times, but Lisa always finds solutions to bring people together.

Lisa is better at working with both parties than 93% of people in Congress. She was awarded the Legislative Action Award by the Bipartisan Policy Center for her focus on working with both parties. She is a proven leader who has shown that she is willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to get results for her constituents.

Lisa authored key pieces of bipartisan legislation, including bringing widespread high-speed internet to Delaware and other parts of the United States. Her bipartisan efforts have led to rebuilding America’s roads, bridges, and rails, bringing clean drinking water to under-resourced communities, and taking climate action. She has also worked with members of both parties to support small businesses, create new jobs, relieve our supply chains, and keep our communities safe.

Reproductive Freedom


Public Safety & Justice Reform

Innovation and Emerging Technology


Gun Violence Prevention

Health Care




Democracy & Voting Rights



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