Economy - Lisa Blunt Rochester for U.S. Senate



Before she decided to run for Congress, Lisa was in a grocery store in Wilmington when she overheard a dad in the checkout line tell his daughter to put the grapes back because they couldn’t afford them. That moment snapped her into action and she decided to run for Congress so no family has to sacrifice basic necessities.

At a time when working families, seniors, and individuals struggle to put food on the table, pay their bills, and stretch their pocketbooks at the gas pump, the wealthy and corporations get richer. This is a status quo Lisa won’t stand for.

In Congress, Lisa is a leader in building a stronger economy that works for everyone. From her time as Labor Secretary in Delaware for Governor Carper, she has laid the foundation that has led to job growth, fair wages, and opportunities for all Americans to succeed. 

As a staunch advocate for economic opportunity and job creation, Lisa has championed policies that created good-paying jobs for Delaware, supported Delaware businesses, invested in infrastructure, and promoted workforce development and training programs. 

Lisa believes in building an economy that works for everyone, focused on building the middle class from the bottom up and the middle out. Lisa founded the Bipartisan Future of Work Caucus in Congress, which focuses on promoting policies that prepare our workforce for the jobs of the future.

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