Health Care - Lisa Blunt Rochester for U.S. Senate


Health Care

Lisa believes access to affordable health care is a fundamental right — and protecting health care access was one of the reasons Lisa was moved to run for office for the first time. In Congress, Lisa has been a tireless advocate to make health care accessible and affordable to everyone. Lisa will fight against any effort to privatize Medicare and Medicaid and ensure health care coverage is available to those who need it most.

Most importantly, Lisa believes in approaching the health care discussion with compassion. She knows that families should not have to decide between purchasing life-saving medication and paying rent or putting food on the table. She has fought to secure funding for rural hospitals and health care facilities in Delaware and across the country. She has led efforts in Congress to make telehealth more accessible for families because it is far too hard to get in to see a doctor in our rural communities.

Lisa fought alongside Democrats to cap life-saving insulin at $35/month for Medicare recipients and will continue to safeguard the Affordable Care Act from Republican attacks in the Senate.

Lisa believes in access to comprehensive reproductive health care and advocates for addressing the health care disparities faced by marginalized communities, including addressing the gap in the Black maternal mortality rate.

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